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Best in Blogs: A New Hope for Yahoo, iPad Mini Rumors, and Bloggers vs. Comedians


     Written by Anushka Dissanayaka

Remember Yahoo? They've been big but rarely supreme in nearly every online category: search, mail, messaging, news, finance, sports, games, horoscopes. Now they're trying on a new CEO with hopes of regaining your attention. Former Google exec Marissa Meyer is bringing optimism. Michael Arrington at Uncrunched calls Mayer "a new hope for Yahoo." At AVC, venture capitalist Fred Wilson says because of Meyer's hiring, Yahoo is no longer dead to him. Marc Andreesen calls it a hiring well done and told Business insider he was amazed Yahoo could attract someone so talented. Now what? Street Fight, a blog focusing on "the business of hyperlocal," says Mayer "must take a product that has lost relevance and either add entirely new product sets or reshape it for the times." That means becoming the king of local news, shopping and so forth. The Atlantic advises "What the Internet Wants From Marissa Mayer, in Five Words... Actually, one word: 'Flickr'... the Internet has a suggestion for what she should put at the top of her agenda: making Flickr awesome again."

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